Day 4: 5 Reasons Why

Do you ever have those days (or weeks, or months…) where you feel wrong? It kinda feels like you’re floating through space with no end in sight and the claustrophobia of being suffocated by endlessness is beginning to set in. No, just me? Ok, dope.

I’m in one of those stretches. I’m happy but lost. I know I should be doing things but I still don’t do them. I’m in limbo. In times like these, I remind myself of my reasons why. The reasons why I want to be alive. The reasons why my life is happy most of the time. The reasons that give my life purpose.

My reasons why save my life. They bring me joy and comfort and make life, which can be pretty fucking daunting, A-okay. I hope you can find yours too.

5. The beach.

Is there anything more breathtaking or wise or powerful than the ocean? I firmly believe most of life’s problems can be fixed with the ocean.

4. Grandparents.

What a rare breed of people. My grandparents are my favorite people in the entire world. They are kind and generous and hilarious. ¿I mean, who doesn’t love a good grandparent?

3. Forever Friends.

I know this seems kind of basic but I’m talking FOREVER friends. I classify all of my friends into just general friend and forever friend categories. I love all of my friends but sometimes, you just know someone will not be there for you through thick and thin and won’t be around forever. But, I have a few forever friends that are my life blood. Absolutely essential, 10/10 would recommend.

2. The Oasis.

Check out Day 1 if you haven’t. I’ve said it enough but my oasis keeps me going through everything and pulls me straight out of my fogs.

1. Opportunity.

Cue my cheesy, Hallmark ending but how beautiful is it that we are given so much opportunity? We can customize our life down to the polish on our nails or clothes on our backs. We have seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years of opportunities and choices. We can change our attitude in the blink of an eye. Knowing that I can change my course and my life even if I procrastinated something important or wasted my time on something stupid in a single second is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

The inner workings of my mind make zero sense but hopefully to someone out there, this is helpful or interesting.

Talk later,

Gossip Glav

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